NEW Make cost saving continuous for years to come

The best product cost-management programs build detailed plans for future progress.

The first step toward operational excellence

A good maturity assessment points your excellence journey in the right direction.

Three game-changing supply-chain technologies

Automation and robotics, open IT platforms, and on-demand transportation will have a big impact on supply chains.

Artificial intelligence in business: Separating the real from the hype

AI is already changing fields from automotive to retail. The challenge is helping people change so they can use AI effectively.

When the price isn’t right: Using should-costs to reduce does-costs

Understanding supplier's costs is a powerful lever in procurement negotiations.

NEW Disruption, friction, and change: The hallmarks of a true transformation

If your change program isn't making people uncomfortable, it probably isn't changing enough.

11/16/2017 | Tags: Performance Transformation

Do your managers have what it takes to succeed—and succeed you?

A transformed organization constantly needs new leaders. Here's how to build a leadership pipeline.

Lean journeys, driven by end-to-end digital

Lean management plus new technologies equals faster, easier performance boosts.

Defying gravity: Keep your change program's trajectory

Long-term winners do what it takes to break through after the glow from initial successes starts to fade.

What a lasting transformation depends on

For changes to last, employees will need new skills—ones that require a new type of training.