NEW Culture for a digital age

Don’t wait for silo mentalities, weak customer focus, and risk aversion to die on their own.

Build your materials-costing capabilities: Use teardowns

Falling commodity prices may mean you're overpaying for your components.

Outsourced engineering services: From providers to collaboration partners

Building the right relationship with engineering services providers can generate even more value.

Using people analytics to drive business performance: A case study

People data can drive a successful turnaround, increase customer satisfaction, and grow revenues.

Editor’s Choice: Recommended Ops Reading for Summer 2017

Summer holidays are always too short, so we've rounded up 8 of the most important articles on ops topics from the world's leading publications.

Procuring innovation, wherever it may be

A systematic approach helps procurement cultivate new sources of new ideas in the supplier network.

Worth the effort: From ‘shared’ to ‘global’ in business services

It’s tough work to set up, but the GBS model can be more powerful than ever thanks to digitization.

Leadership in innovation needs innovation in leadership

Four attributes enable individuals and organizations to move forward: insight, integrity, courage, and agility.

China’s factories want to digitize: Here’s what they need to do

Companies can take steps today to help manufacturing in China become more innovative, efficient, and globally competitive.

Promise fulfilled: Making integrated supply chains a reality

A new generation of digital tools helps overcome longstanding challenges in integrating supply chains from end to end.