NEW Meeting China’s productivity challenge

In China, “showing up” was once enough for success. But wrenching changes to China’s economy are making productivity more essential than ever, two experts explain.

10/20/2016 | Tags: China

Warehousing value: An interview with Sky Deutschland’s Sebastian Hauptmann

A new perspective revealed hidden value in warehouse operations—and a new way of working with logistics-services providers.

Visit the Automotive & Assembly Extranet

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10/10/2016 | Tags: Automotive, Manufacturing

Finding the true cost of portfolio complexity

Better cost allocation reveals that products that may seem profitable actually aren’t—leading to simpler portfolios and higher performance.

10/4/2016 | Tags: Product Development

The leadership challenge: Building the future of global infrastructure

A survey of global infrastructure leaders defines the challenges to the industry—and how to address them.

Linking the customer experience to value

Transforming customer experience is hard. Is it worth the effort? A structured methodology based on fresh research shows just how much value is at stake—and where.

10/18/2016 | Tags: Service Operations

Winning the expectations game in customer care

Call centers aren’t what they used to be. Here’s how to capture the loyalty of increasingly demanding customers.

10/11/2016 | Tags: Service Operations

Digital in industry: From buzzword to value creation

Digitization is transforming heavy industry, unleashing global opportunities for value creation in everything from supply chains to production to customer experience.

Inside sales, outsize impact: An interview with Alice Coatalem of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Thoughtful centralization helps the inside-sales function go from overlooked to overachieving.

Small equals big: Unlocking savings in small to midsize capital-project portfolios in chemicals

Chemical companies’ portfolios of small to midsize projects are a source of hidden value—when managed carefully.