NEW Inside sales, outsize impact: An interview with Alice Coatalem of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Thoughtful centralization helps the inside-sales function go from overlooked to overachieving.

Small equals big: Unlocking savings in small to midsize capital-project portfolios in chemicals

Chemical companies’ portfolios of small to midsize projects are a source of hidden value—when managed carefully.

Survey: How does your maintenance organization compare?

Maintenance and reliability are getting the eagle eye in the face of cost pressures. What does yours look like?

9/13/2016 | Tags: Manufacturing

Designing and starting up a customer-experience transformation

Five elements are typical of a customer-experience transformation. A functional program roadmap also can yield positive results.

Beating the low productivity trap: How to transform construction operations

The construction and engineering sector has been slow to adapt techniques and technologies from other fields that can greatly improve productivity.

The leadership challenge: Building the future of global infrastructure

A survey of global infrastructure leaders defines the challenges to the industry—and how to address them.

Where machines could replace humans—and where they can’t (yet)

Understanding how the technical potential for automation differs across sectors and activities can help organizations prepare for change.

Speed for simplicity: An interview with Lenovo’s Gerry Smith

A senior vice-president of Lenovo shares his experience with moving the company from a product-centric to customer-centric focus.

An operating model for company-wide agile development

Although traditional companies are experimenting with agile, their efforts lack the organization-wide reach necessary to capture the full potential of the approach.

More than digital plus traditional: A truly omnichannel customer experience

Integrating digital and traditional channels into a truly omnichannel offering is hard—but multiplies the rewards.