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Even in traditional fields like maintenance, digital and analytics transform the way people work.

Automation, robotics, and the factory of the future

Filling a factory with robots isn't nearly as hard as using robotics to lasting advantage.

A map to better team performance

Mapping how teams perform helps you find and fix performance problems.

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Sustaining continuous improvement: Five leaders’ views

Five executives with decades of experience in lean management share some of their most important lessons.

Human + machine: A new era of automation in manufacturing

In the new automation, humans and machines will increasingly work side by side.

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Data flows in procurement are massive. Don't let them go to waste. 

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For too many companies, maintenance productivity has barely budged for years. New technologies can help.

Blockchain technology for supply chains—A must or a maybe?

Blockchain’s buzz makes it sound like a panacea. Our supply-chain experts evaluate its real potential.

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When time is short, find savings fast with a new approach to purchasing.

Innovation without borders: Meeting the promise of globalized R&D

Five crucial steps help get the best of the world for your R&D function.

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