NEW Make your digital changes last: Master the enablers of a sustained digital journey

Three intertwined enablers—people, governance, and partnerships—are essential for lasting digital change.

Supply chain analytics: Harness uncertainty with smarter bets

Supply-chain planning can be a high-stakes game. The coolest head in the room might belong to a machine.

Toward zero defects: Using analytics to reshape quality

Pooling quality-related data into a "lake" yields new quality breakthroughs—thanks to innovative analytic techniques.

Platforms and modularity: Setup for success

With the right setup, platforms and modularity lead to more choices and higher profits—not more headaches and higher costs. 


Building a reliable innovation engine

Your innovation engine may be hiding big problems. A few changes can keep it humming well into the future.

3/30/2017 | Tags: Product Development, Innovation

Ops 4.0: Fueling the next 20 percent productivity rise with digital analytics

Operations 4.0 yields four pathways for turning digital and analytics into productivity breakthroughs.

Avoiding the seven deadly sins of customer-experience transformations

Good customer-service intentions aren't good enough. Avoid seven mistakes in your customer-experience transformation.

How to start building your next-generation operating model

Operating models turn stale fast. Start creating a new one from just a few essential building blocks.

Customers’ lives are digital—but is your customer care still analog?

Digital customer care—e-care—is still new territory for many companies. They can learn a lot from the digital natives.

The change agent challenge

Three Extranet Classics help in finding, developing, and retaining the change agents your lean transformation needs.