NEW Mining for leadership with lean management

Even in the most unpredictable environments, lean management improves not just productivity, but how people lead

Building an integrated technology road map to drive successful innovation

With cutting-edge technology more important than ever, is your IT road map pointing where you need to go—or only where you are now?

The people power of transformations

Leadership engagement is crucial—but the most successful transformations get employee buy-in at all levels.

Using rapid process digitization to transform the customer experience

Revamping customer experience requires speed and precision that traditional approaches can’t meet. The best practitioners do it in real time.

Big procurement footprint? Better bidding yields bigger savings

Consolidating bids helps maximize saving opportunities—even when the procurement function is highly decentralized.

NEW The McKinsey Supply Chain Academy

May 18-19, Munich: A two-day forum for supply-chain executives and McKinsey experts builds capabilities that are crucial for driving supply-chain success.

Keep projects sailing through cash peaks and troughs

When cash flow is volatile and unpredictable, smarter financial planning prepares an organization to use money when it’s available.

Multiply Design-to-Value impact: Build core DtV capabilities at scale

Design to Value (DtV) is too powerful to let expertise shortages get in the way. Building your own core of DtV experts maximizes DtV’s potential.

The ‘how’ of transformation

Not many transformations succeed. Creating a ‘performance infrastructure’ can help ensure yours does.

Hack away your old processes: Demystifying the hackathon

Hackathons are more than brainstorming: done well, they can reduce time-to-market by 25 to 50 percent—and change how people work.

2/2/2017 | Tags: Innovation, Digital