NEW Purchasing power: Lean management creates new value in procurement

Lean management is about much more than cost reduction, making it a powerful set of disciplines to raise purchasing’s effectiveness.

Unlocking Industrial Resource Productivity

This video previews Ken Somers and Markus Hammer’s new book, Unlocking Industrial Resource Productivity, on opportunities to increase energy, material, and water efficiency.

12/6/2016 | Tags: Resource productive operations

Digital innovation in consumer-goods manufacturing

Silicon chip, meet potato chip: To see digital’s potential in manufacturing, just visit your local supermarket.

11/29/2016 | Tags: Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Digital

What makes a well-oiled maintenance machine?

Our survey reveals which factors make a maintenance function stronger, which don’t, and which ones may need improvement.

Can you achieve and sustain G&A cost reductions?

Cutting overhead costs is hard, and sustaining the savings is harder still. Taking risks—on big goals, culture shift, and role modeling—makes it all possible.

11/15/2016 | Tags: Service Operations

Starting at the source: Sustainability in supply chains

For many companies, supply chains are the biggest source of sustainability issues that can chip away growth. The solution: tighter collaboration.

Are you really listening to what your customers are saying?

Customer feedback is too valuable to waste. Instead, invest in a system that lets you collect, analyze, and—crucially—act on feedback data.

12/1/2016 | Tags: Energy, Service Operations

The role of the transformation office

Program management offices (PMOs) can get mired in indecision. Big changes need fast pace and steady rhythm from a well-structured transformation office.


Supply Chain 4.0: The Customer Experience

Find out how supply-chain managers can use Supply Chain 4.0 to create game-changing customer experiences.

Digital Top Ten

We’ve selected 10 of our top articles that show how far-reaching digital promises to be, and how companies can take full advantage of it.

11/10/2016 | Tags: Digital