NEW Beating the low productivity trap: How to transform construction operations

The construction and engineering sector has been slow to adapt techniques and technologies from other fields that can greatly improve productivity.

Making the right diagnosis of your customer experiences

A well-run customer-experience diagnostic can yield a wide range of benefits and should answer a series of essential questions.

Toward a customer-centric construction-equipment industry

There is a healthy optimism among construction equipment OEMS about the changes that lie ahead.

Looking beyond technology to drive sales operations

Making the right investment in sales operations can unlock sustainable growth.

Why agility pays

Agile organizations share key characteristics like role clarity and operational discipline, our research has found.

More than digital plus traditional: A truly omnichannel customer experience

Integrating digital and traditional channels into a truly omnichannel offering is hard—but multiplies the rewards.

Maximizing marketing value through smarter procurement

Though these are turbulent times for marketers, procurement may just be able to provide the help they need.

A package full of change

Banks have been traditionally product- and channel focused. Now it’s all about the customer.

R&D Readiness

Although some companies are making R&D changes to meet new challenges, it’s too early to tell which efforts will pay off.

Driving superior value through digital procurement

With emerging technologies and applications, we expect Procurement to create even more value.