Digital supply chains: Do you have the skills to run them?

on 7/7/2017 5:06 PM by Jakob Mainert (Vodafone Procurement Company)
Thank you for a most relevant to-the-point read, Knut, Elena, and Markus. We at Vodafone Procurement Company are among your 2%, who made Digital SCM a strategic priority. We run tangible Digidays with Virtual Reality Sessions, digital Sourcing solutions and digital balance advices for the Category Managers across the board, launch our first Introductions end to end digital Procurement Platform shortly, and to psychometric skill assessments on the Category Managers targetting skills for the changing nature of work. We have reasons to believe we are on track in modestly and slowly becoming digital. Good to read that there is much to be done and we will never get bored by Digital SCM.
on 7/8/2017 10:28 AM by Knut Alicke (McKinsey & Company)
Dear Jakob,
thanks a lot for your comment - and great to hear that you made digital SCM as your priority.