Alan Osan

Senior Expert Advisor, Pittsburgh, USA

Alan Osan is a Senior External Advisor to the Manufacturing service line in the McKinsey Global Operations Practice. Previously, Alan worked with McKinsey & Company as a Senior Global Manufacturing Practice Expert. His work emphasizes operational transformations in capital-intensive, continuous process industries. He is an expert in Operations and production management, process and equipment reliability, maintenance, TPM, procurement, organizational design, business management, strategy development.


Extended lean toolkit for total productivity

By adapting and extending current lean-management capabilities, companies can put new resources to the best possible use.

The upside of downtime

Better management of shutdowns and turnarounds can yield schedule and cost improvements of up to 30 percent.

Ask an Expert: Advanced analytics and asset productivity

Experts share insights on things companies can do now to take advantage of coupling advanced data analysis and best-practice asset productivity

Growing up: Asset productivity and agribusiness

Keeping agricultural equipment healthy and fit will be essential as the demand for agri-products explodes

Ask an expert: an effective maintenance and reliability organization

With the right organizational structure and approach, the maintenance and reliability function can be high-performing and an enormous asset

A new approach to asset productivity

Physical assets need more than just maintenance; smart companies will take an end-to-end view

Ask an expert: Maintenance labor productivity

Wrench time identifies improvement opportunities and provides a good yardstick for measuring performance

Trouble in store

Poor or limited maintenance inventory policies mean many companies are tying up too much cash in spare parts, while still failing to keep assets running

Unleashing a total productive maintenance transformation

TPM offers a good place to start for companies seeking to boost their operational performance

How can you optimize a maintenance contract?

Experts Alan Osan and Steve Tideswell provide guidelines to help companies optimize existing maintenance contracts

Reliability excellence in boom and bust

Research in the pulp and paper sector shows the power of reliability-focused management to help companies perform in demanding economic conditions

Challenges in tackling reliability improvements

Alan Osan answers three short questions on reliability improvement, material purchases, and standardizing MRO part numbers

Conducting equipment checks in an oil refinery

Expert Alan Osan shares best practices on conducting joint equipment checks

Reliability: not just for manufacturing

Expert Alan Osan applies reliability principles to banking, financial services, insurance, and telecom industries

Reducing mean time to repair (MTTR)

Senior Expert Alan Osan discusses three key elements that help reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), a key component of reliability

Key indicators in maintenance and reliability transformations

Alan Osan discusses key performance indicators for maintenance and reliability to consider when conducting an operations transformations program

The hidden plant: chemical industry case study

A medium-sized chemicals firm applied lean techniques to its production and maintenance processes, resulting in capacity equivalent to a new plant

Optimizing production in the age of the machine

As machines play an ever more important role in production, companies need smarter and more holistic ways to optimize performance.