Alessandro Delfino

Partner, New Jersey, USA

Alessandro is a Partner in McKinsey's New Jersey office, serving clients primarily in the pharmaceuticals industry on issues related to manufacturing, quality, lean management, and operational excellence. Passionate about capability building, change management, and leadership development, he leads McKinsey's Pharma Manufacturing practice and Operations Recruiting for North America. 


Making change last

Transformational changes in pharmaceutical supply chains are difficult to initiate and even harder to sustain

The invisible but essential foundation: Fostering a culture of quality in pharma

Pharmacos may be surprised by how much effort it takes to correct the blind spots in their quality culture but also by the extent of the reward

Mature quality systems

Three sectors have valuable and instructive lessons for pharma on how to achieve and sustain high quality

Productive sanitation excellence

New food and pharma manufacturing techniques can make production cleaner and increase capacity

The tailored transformation: Not just ‘what,’ but ‘how’

Customizing how you roll out a transformation is at least as important as customizing what you want to change.

A transformative experience for leading a transformation

Giving senior leaders hands-on, digitally enhanced experience with lean management helped one major industrial manufacturer kick-start its quality transformation.