Christian Johnson

Senior Editor, Operations Practice, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Christian is the Managing Editor of the Operations Extranet and a senior editor supporting external publications for the global Operations Practice. Prior to joining McKinsey, he practiced corporate law for 7 years in New York and later was an editor for a legal-publishing house. 


Lean and people: Getting better than the tools we’d been taught

Fostering leadership helped a Shingo Prize-winning organization boost its performance even higher. 

Sustaining continuous improvement: Five leaders’ views

Five executives with decades of experience in lean management share some of their most important lessons.

Mining for leadership with lean management

Even in the most unpredictable environments, lean management improves not just productivity, but how people lead

Transforming HR and culture

Lean management helped a bank transform its HR function, its performance, and its culture.

Cheaper, simpler, better for customers

“Insourcing?” “Reshoring?” A revamped outsourcing model can be cheaper and simpler to run, and better for customers.

Warehousing value: An interview with Sky Deutschland’s Sebastian Hauptmann

A new perspective revealed hidden value in warehouse operations—and a new way of working with logistics-services providers.

Inside sales, outsize impact: An interview with Alice Coatalem of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Thoughtful centralization helps the inside-sales function go from overlooked to overachieving.

Speed for simplicity: An interview with Lenovo’s Gerry Smith

A senior vice-president of Lenovo shares his experience with moving the company from a product-centric to customer-centric focus.

A package full of change

Banks have been traditionally product- and channel focused. Now it’s all about the customer.

Automating the math makes analytics more democratic—and more human

The managing director of an established data analytics firm shares insights and views based on his 25 years of experience in the field.

Strength through adversity

Major events prove to be a huge catalyst in developing new supply chain capabilities at Nokia

A new order for law

Patience, persistence and listening are among the qualities members of a law firm have honed as a result of a recent transformation journey

Setting capital free: An interview with Tom McCabe of DBS Bank

One bank shares its success story in re-defining the role of its corporate banking relationship managers, to the great satisfaction of its customers

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