Jonathan Silver

Partner, New York, USA

Based in New York, Jonathan is one of the leaders of our global Corporate and Business Functions Practice and shared-services work. He supports companies in pharmaceutical, medical-products, media, consumer-products, and other industries on shared services, outsourcing and offshoring, and IT-strategy projects.


Worth the effort: From ‘shared’ to ‘global’ in business services

It’s tough work to set up, but the global business services model can be more powerful than ever thanks to digitization.

Lever seven: Capabilities

The final lever in a functional transformation is to develop and align capabilities

Rebalancing your sourcing strategy

Offshoring is alive and well, but it’s no longer the only answer

Lever six: Organization and governance

A key lever to effective and efficient support operations is the right organizational structure and governance

Lever five: IT enablement

A few simple disciplines when selecting IT investments can produce concrete improvements in a relatively short time with a modest budget

Lever four: Lean management

Lean management has a powerful set of tools to improve the way work is done

Lever three: Smart sourcing

A smart approach to sourcing begins at home with a good understanding of current performance and costs.

Lever two: Consolidation

Consolidation of like functions or processes need not be feared, and has in fact many proven benefits

Lever one: Demand management

Treating corporate functions as sources of value can make all the difference

Seven levers for corporate- and business-function success: Introduction

Imbedding healthy practices and sustaining improvements can help business functions be both effective and efficient

Why it’s time to reinvent global business services

Global business services (GBS) units face a radically changing environment. To survive, they will have to reevaluate their value proposition, reinvent their processes, and restructure their operating model.