Steffen Fuchs

Partner, Dallas, USA

Steffen leads McKinsey’s work in capital productivity globally and is a core member of our Operations Practice. He works across multiple regions, including North and South America, Asia, and Europe.


Do your managers have what it takes to succeed—and succeed you?

A transformed organization constantly needs new leaders. Here's how to build a leadership pipeline.

Creating a high-performance culture

The first step is to understand exactly where your culture excels and where it lags. 

Public choices: Making better project-funding decisions

Make fair, transparent trade-offs among projects with a rigorous portfolio-planning process.

Sharper estimating tools for getting projects done on time and on budget

Avoid delays and cost overruns by applying analytics to data you already have. 

Let’s make a (better) deal: From cost to value in engineering services

Streamlined negotiations help wring big savings from big contracts in engineering services.

Taming scope creep to keep projects on track

To keep scope creep at bay, organizations need discipline, collaboration, and a relentless focus on real user needs.

Keep projects sailing through cash peaks and troughs

When cash flow is volatile and unpredictable, smarter financial planning prepares an organization to use money when it’s available.

Big procurement footprint? Better bidding yields bigger savings

Consolidating bids helps maximize saving opportunities—even when the procurement function is highly decentralized.

Saving $1 billion in construction and maintenance

Better management of construction and maintenance helped a government agency find $1 billion in savings potential.

Smaller fleet, big impact

Better fleet management means better service—but with one-third fewer vehicles and one-half billion dollars in savings.

Do you know where your skill gaps are?

Early results from an capability assessment tool in procurement show promise in helping to build strong programs to enhance savings and build performance

Building superior capabilities for strategic sourcing

With purchased material often a significant part of a product's cost, companies that don’t invest in the purchasing team’s capabilities are throwing away value

Getting off the bench and into the game (Chinese Version)

Purchasing needs to be every bit as strategic as other key functions, like manufacturing and product development

Getting off the bench and into the game

Purchasing needs to be every bit as strategic as other key functions, like manufacturing and product development

A hard plan for soft skills

CPOs can transform talent management through a capability-building curriculum of more than just technical skills

Building world-class purchasing organization capabilities

A one-hour webcast recording presents a perspective on the importance of capability building in the purchasing organization

Artificial intelligence: Construction technology’s next frontier

Engineering and construction is behind the curve in implementing artificial intelligence solutions. Based on extensive research, we survey applications and algorithms to help bridge the technology gap.