NEW Promise fulfilled: Making integrated supply chains a reality

A new generation of digital tools helps overcome longstanding challenges in integrating supply chains from end to end.

The continuous improvement leader: Engaging people for a digital age

Digital innovation is making lean management even more human, and lean leaders even more essential.

A capabilities strategy for successful product development

Launch new products more quickly and successfully with a capabilities strategy.

What should your transport logistics really cost?

The McKinsey transport cost-analysis tool compares your current transportation rates to their “should” costs—and you can test it now. 

The McKinsey Supply Chain Executive Academy

A two-day forum for supply-chain executives and McKinsey experts helps organizations transform toward digital supply chains.

Same song, different tempo

To succeed, today's transformations start with everything companies know from lean—and add much more.

Manufacturing: Analytics unleashes productivity and profitability

Squeezing data is the next horizon for manufacturers seeking value.

Building omnichannel excellence

Omnichannel supply chains must become more cross-functional, strategic, networked, and capable.

Digital supply chains: Do you have the skills to run them?

Supply Chain 4.0 is raising expectations. Find out how to fill the talent gap.

A case study in combating biased thinking

Big capital-project disappointments led German utility RWE to overhaul its decision-making processes—for a better future.