Medicine for pharma

The Pharma Operations Benchmarking team learned the power of change, simplicity and a customer-oriented approach while touring Toyota and Omron

Sales & Operations Planning: Making it stick and maximizing its value

Many companies struggle to unlock the hidden potential of Sales and Operations Planning as a “pivot point” to drive change through the supply chain

Greening a brownfield

Building a new greenfield production system inside the walls of an old factory is sometimes the best way to increase capacity and productivity

Greenfield redesign opens doors to expanding capacity

A European furniture manufacturer provides a case of example of "greening" a brownfield automotive plant

6/23/2008 | Tags: Consumer Products, Manufacturing

Achieving lean in travel and logistics

Lean transformation in travel and logistics requires mobilizing large groups and harnessing a company's "organizational energy"

A quick guide to lean retail banking

By ensuring a flawless customer experience during pivotal moments, retail banks can build customer loyalty

Product conventions

Product conventions, a new interdisciplinary strategy, help companies learn how to handle unexpected complications and enable immediate action

A new start – without stopping production

A European automotive plant provides a case example of "greening" a brownfield plant

6/24/2008 | Tags: Automotive, Manufacturing

A permanent solution to temporary labor sourcing

Optimizing non-technical temporary labor requires skilled vendor and demand management and compliance

Banking on Lean for a competitive edge

There is no trade-off between cost, time and quality with lean banking; it continuously increases productivity sustainably, for a competitive edge