Dialing up telco procurement excellence

Wireless and wireline operators can boost bottom line results by up to five percent through purchasing excellence

Getting better software into manufactured products

Moving the focus from hardware to software can bring the engineering process into the future

The moment of truth in customer service

To develop deeper relationships with customers, companies must focus on interactions that are important to them

King customer rules the supply chain

Excellent producers know that customer orientation starts with production and distribution

Lean service operations for utilities

To improve service levels at utility firms, companies are looking to lean

Four imperatives of customer-focused product development

There are multiple ways vehicle companies can ensure that all their activities are focused on customer needs

8/3/2007 | Tags: Automotive, Product Development

A call center's last line of defense

The best call centers help companies to cut their churn rates, become more profitable, and even develop new products

Process lean

With a new approach, downstream metal manufacturing can be ripe for lean transformation

Global sourcing in the aerospace industry

To reap the opportunities presented by global sourcing, the aerospace industry must do three things

Sustaining a newly lean machine

Often, the failure to achieve sustainable change comes about because company leaders are not seeing the whole picture