Streamlining global overhead

A cross-industry survey shows that to reduce overhead, companies should establish standard processes

1/6/2008 | Tags: Service Operations

Cross-functional ramp-up management in product launches

Experience in the increasingly challenging field of ramp-up management reveals the true drivers of success or failure

12/31/2007 | Tags: Automotive, Product Development

Applying lean production to the public sector

The public sector is increasingly interested in lean techniques already being used successfully in the private sector

Recapturing your supply chain data

Consolidating fragmented global supply chain data is vital, and targeted IT investments can help

Improving quality in pharma manufacturing

Pharmacos looking to enhance quality and compliance will benefit from lean manufacturing

Designing performance management systems

Sustaining and improving performance of a newly transformed system requires proper use of information collected, including timely problem-solving

Toward a leaner finance department

Three lean manufacturing principles help cut costs

12/17/2007 | Tags: Service Operations, Lean Services

The human factor

To deliver effective flexible staff, human resources departments must take decisive action

Anticipating customer queries in call centers

A telco center that developed a successful automation strategy offers insights to others

Supporting Structures

The secret to creating a truly lean organization lies in optimizing core production personnel in addition to aligning the right support structure