Five ideas that really drive the Toyota Production System

There are five reasons why Toyota continues to go from strength to strength as others struggle to get lean right

Binding rules increase acceptance

A survey of German experts unveils some of the most effective ways to utilize electronic reverse auctions

Quality benchmarking in pharma – understanding drivers

Best performing plants excel in automation, continuous improvement, simplification, collaboration, and prevention

5/21/2008 | Tags: Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Quality

Managing Supply Chain Risk: Lessons from the MAXA Winners

MAXA award finalists, among Singapore's best manufacturers, have found innovative ways to mitigate supply chain risk and keep customers happy

When the carbon settles

As reducing carbon emissions becomes inevitable, CPOs can save and go green by focusing on purchasing practices

Extracting strategic value from operations

In a reeling banking industry, operational excellence becomes more important than ever

The lean work cell

The "lean work cell" has helped many mortgage lenders speed up turnaround times, boost productivity and reduce errors

Integrating purchasing in M&A

Lenovo's CPO discusses his role in creating the operational basis for evolving the company from a Chinese powerhouse into a global one

MAXA: Call for entries

MAXA 2008 recognizes companies with world-class manufacturing standards in their operations in Singapore

Poland: Still attractive despite increasing costs

Despite rising labor costs, Poland remains an appealing location for global sourcing