Auto component sourcing in a global world 4

Companies seriously interested in global sourcing should look beyond low wages and consider it as a long-term investment

Auto component sourcing in a global world 2

To benefit from global sourcing, companies can use short- and long-term strategies while analyzing the total value chain and cross-functional setups

How to Become a Supply Chain Champion

Double the savings, guaranteed! How to Become a Supply Chain Champion  is a practical manual on improving large supply chain projects. A broad research project conducted by McKinsey consultants and scientists from the University of Cologne in Germany illustrates how managers can sustainably enhance performance within the supply chain. Six common success factors were identified based on findings from numerous supply chain optimization projects from the consumer, commodity and retail industries. The book contains a myriad of actions and tools for successful implementation, with practical examples from multinational companies.


Improving field service productivity

For field service productivity, information technology, demand analysis, and close contact with management are important tools

Using IT to boost call-center performance

Well-planned and strategic IT-enablement of call centers is getting cheaper and can be a powerful driver of performance improvement

Auto component sourcing in a global world 3

Successful global sourcing relies on fully-staffed local offices and a supportive and coordinating central organization

Interview with CPO of A.P. Moller - Maersk

European Leaders in Procurement magazine talks to a high performer about his organization's approach to developing a global PSM infrastructure

Measuring performance in services

Service businesses can boost performance and raise productivity by following a few principles and employing rigorous metrics

Using call centers to boost revenue

Findings indicate that customers are often open to sales of new products via call centers if the conditions are right

Supply Chain Champions

Management books on supply chain issues are awash with often contradictory, theoretical or overly technology driven concepts and ideas. Supply Chain Champions however, offers practical results-oriented recommendations for decision-makers across industries and in all parts of the supply chain, particularly in purchasing, production, logistics, and sales and marketing. Drawing on the results of an empirical survey of European consumer goods manufacturers and retailers conducted jointly by McKinsey and the Institute for Supply Chain Management of the University of Münster, the book delivers concrete steps to achieving supply chain performance improvement and how to get started. The book was first published in German in 2003, but has been translated into English in 2007.