Improving productivity in product services

Companies can raise productivity in services by managing demand, assigning tasks by cost, and increasing labor efficiency

Managing overhead costs

To sustainably lower overhead, firms must commit to a long-term realignment strategy

1/9/2008 | Tags: Service Operations

Remote possibilities: A new service interaction model

Cost-effective customer service excellence depends on effective use of remote interaction channels

Designing performance management systems

Sustaining and improving performance of a newly transformed system requires proper use of information collected, including timely problem-solving

Toward a leaner finance department

Three lean manufacturing principles help cut costs

12/17/2007 | Tags: Service Operations, Lean Services

Journey to Lean

A discussion of the "Best Management Book of the Year," Journey to Lean

1/10/2008 | Tags: Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing

Lean in media

To maximize creativity, companies must improve processes and eliminate waste to free up resources

Streamlining global overhead

A cross-industry survey shows that to reduce overhead, companies should establish standard processes

1/6/2008 | Tags: Service Operations

Cross-functional ramp-up management in product launches

Experience in the increasingly challenging field of ramp-up management reveals the true drivers of success or failure

12/31/2007 | Tags: Automotive, Product Development

Applying lean production to the public sector

The public sector is increasingly interested in lean techniques already being used successfully in the private sector