A low-carbon opportunity for purchasing and supply management

Though executives increasingly emphasize environmental concerns, purchasing practices don't always reflect them

Mastering complexity as a competitive weapon

By implementing well-designed comprehensive programs, companies can use the complexity of product development as a competitive weapon

Building an effective change agent team

A carefully constructed change agent program is essential to any successful operational transformation

3/26/2008 | Tags: Performance Transformation

It's still a big world

Mastery of the global supply chain is becoming a key competitive weapon

Global Sourcing Service Line

Global sourcing is a way not only to reduce costs but also modernize and improve product quality. Currently, companies use only a fraction of the potential offered by low-cost countries.


How purchasing pros negotiate

Purchasing professionals share the key elements to negotiation success

The choreography of expertise

"Expert choreography" helps financial institutions apply lean to complex, customized activities

MAXA and manufacturing in Singapore

The Manufacturing Excellence Award celebrated Singapore's growing manufacturing industry, now a quarter of the city-state's GDP

Driving a step change in performance

By making a step change in network performance, distribution companies will see financial and quality benefits in both the short- and long-term

3/12/2008 | Tags: Supply Chain Management

Interview with Mads Lauritzen on R&D globalization

The three-step process executives should use to assess, plan, and implement an R&D offshoring project