The human factor

To deliver effective flexible staff, human resources departments must take decisive action

Anticipating customer queries in call centers

A telco center that developed a successful automation strategy offers insights to others

Supporting Structures

The secret to creating a truly lean organization lies in optimizing core production personnel in addition to aligning the right support structure

Auto component sourcing in a global world 3

Successful global sourcing relies on fully-staffed local offices and a supportive and coordinating central organization

Interview with CPO of A.P. Moller - Maersk

European Leaders in Procurement magazine talks to a high performer about his organization's approach to developing a global PSM infrastructure

Recapturing your supply chain data

Consolidating fragmented global supply chain data is vital, and targeted IT investments can help

Improving quality in pharma manufacturing

Pharmacos looking to enhance quality and compliance will benefit from lean manufacturing

Auto component sourcing in a global world 4

Companies seriously interested in global sourcing should look beyond low wages and consider it as a long-term investment

Auto component sourcing in a global world 2

To benefit from global sourcing, companies can use short- and long-term strategies while analyzing the total value chain and cross-functional setups

How to Become a Supply Chain Champion

Double the savings, guaranteed! How to Become a Supply Chain Champion  is a practical manual on improving large supply chain projects. A broad research project conducted by McKinsey consultants and scientists from the University of Cologne in Germany illustrates how managers can sustainably enhance performance within the supply chain. Six common success factors were identified based on findings from numerous supply chain optimization projects from the consumer, commodity and retail industries. The book contains a myriad of actions and tools for successful implementation, with practical examples from multinational companies.