The developing world

Suppliers can save money by cutting costs, but they often haven't put the right foundations in place to run efficient supplier development programs

Supply chain transformation - Making improvements stick

A study of 55 companies reveals six factors that differentiate successful from failed supply chain transformations

Management practice and productivity: Why they matter

Understanding the implications of research that says that good management is the most important driver of productivity

Bringing best practice to China

As Chinese consumer standards rise, companies must raise their own standards and implement best practices for success in China

Better manufacturing in China

Bill Haag and Wu Yu, of Cleveland-based Preformed Line Products, share lessons learned from a lean transformation of their factory in China

Global Production

What is the best configuration for a global production network? What are the different dynamics in low-cost versus high-cost countries? Getting the answers right is key to building a competitive and efficient global production network.


The talent factor in purchasing

The best CPOs are prioritizing purchasing by concentrating on the people they have

Operation China

China is on everyone's mind. You can no longer do business anywhere and not wonder what the rise of China will mean for you. In Operation China: From strategy to execution, Jimmy Hexter and Jonathan Woetzel explain how and why the business landscape and consumer behaviors have changed in China and supply their perspective on what it takes for companies to win here today.


Applying lean manufacturing in China

Global presence in China has driven up labor cost, so companies looking for success there face similar pressures everywhere

Business Support Functions: Unsung Corporate Heroes

Andreas Tschiesner discusses challenges and opportunities companies face in boosting support function performance

1/11/2008 | Tags: Automotive, Service Operations