Journey to Lean

Lean management is back on the agenda. The management method that steered many major organizations back to the path of growth in the early '90s is now making a comeback. The authors contributed to this development with their book "Journey to Lean", published in 2004, in which they describe how companies can make lean practices stick. A German edition has now appeared under the title "Unternehmen Lean. Schritte zu einer neuen Organisation" ("The Lean Company. Steps Towards a New Organization") and has been joined by a French version ("Objectif Lean: Réussir l'enterprise au plus juste : enjeux techniques et culturels") as well as a Chinese edition.


How to go global

This brochure summarizes the results of an extensive study on global production networks jointly conducted by McKinsey & Company and the Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools (PTW) at Darmstadt University of Technology.


Blind benchmarking: Cracking competitor R&D performance

1/18/2001 | Tags: Product Development, Manufacturing

McK Wissen 16 - Logistics

Logistics has long since been more than transporting something from A to B - it is the central element in a factory whose components are scattered around the world. "The precise management of a global logistical chain – from advance suppliers to manufacturers and carriers, to production warehouses, transshipment points, and sales warehouses, and finally to customers – is a prerequisite for smooth model ramp-ups, high delivery capability, and quick response to customer demands," write McKinsey partners Carl-Stefan Neumann und Martin R. Stuchtey.


McK Wissen 05 - Operations

Good is not good enough – we have to keep getting better. This is the principle of operational excellence. Optimizing processes saves time and money and increases company value. But this is easier said than done. In "Operations," the fifth issue of McKinsey's award-winning magazine McK Wissen, we show how companies have succeeded in this difficult task – in manufacturing, purchasing, and product development.


Interview: Philippe Wits, Head of Operational Excellence, ASR Nederland

Philippe Wits at ASR Nederland talks about his company's lean transformation