Buying and flying: Next-generation airline procurement

Airlines have been saving through strong purchasing. As revenues fall, keeping aloft will require even more from procurement.

Zero-based budgeting then and now: Technology remakes the ZBB rules

Zero-based budgeting (ZBB) leads to big savings and better performance. New digital technologies make ZBB a lot easier, too.

Three snapshots of digital transformation

Financial services, food retail, and pharma show three distinct models for digital reinvention.

Factory of the Future: Breakthrough technologies fundamentally change the game

Advances like 3-D printing, machine-to-machine communications, and smart vision are creating tomorrow’s factory right now. Are you ready?

Mining for leadership with lean management

Even in the most unpredictable environments, lean management improves not just productivity, but how people lead

The era of advanced analytics in procurement has begun

Advanced analytics wrings more value from purchase data—for better negotiation tactics, vendor management, and purchasing strategy.

Matching the right projects with the right resources

To get the most from a project portfolio, combine sophisticated rules-based and strategic perspectives when allocating resources.

Keeping transformations on target

Data from high-stakes transformations reveal a few pragmatic lessons that increase the odds of success.

A roadmap for digitizing source-to-pay

Today’s technology could automate more than half the source-to-pay process—for lower costs, higher savings, and new value opportunities.

The McKinsey Supply Chain Executive Academy

May 18-19, Munich: A two-day forum for supply-chain executives and McKinsey experts builds capabilities that are crucial for driving supply-chain success.