Turn product managers into super conductors

Product management has never been more difficult—or more important to get right.

Taming scope creep to keep projects on track

To keep scope creep at bay, organizations need discipline, collaboration, and a relentless focus on real user needs.

Make your digital changes last: Master the enablers of a sustained digital journey

Three intertwined enablers—people, governance, and partnerships—are essential for lasting digital change.

Supply chain analytics: Harness uncertainty with smarter bets

Supply-chain planning can be a high-stakes game. The coolest head in the room might belong to a machine.

Toward zero defects: Using analytics to reshape quality

Pooling quality-related data into a "lake" yields new quality breakthroughs—thanks to innovative analytic techniques.

R&D that’s on time and on budget? Yes, with predictive analytics

For complex R&D projects, advanced and predictive analytics yield shorter lead times and better cost discipline.

What’s on the mind of CTOs? Data, agility, footprint

In a fast-evolving environment, CTOs across industries and locations are focusing on the same three interconnected themes.

Ops 4.0: Fueling the next 20 percent productivity rise with digital analytics

Operations 4.0 yields four pathways for turning digital and analytics into productivity breakthroughs.

Avoiding the seven deadly sins of customer-experience transformations

Good customer-service intentions aren't good enough. Avoid seven mistakes in your customer-experience transformation.

Platforms and modularity: Setup for success

With the right setup, platforms and modularity lead to more choices and higher profits—not more headaches and higher costs.