A crucial harvest: Cultivating product-development talent

Grow the talent that product development needs.

8/31/2017 | Tags: Product Development

Public choices: Making better project-funding decisions

Make fair, transparent trade-offs among projects with a rigorous portfolio-planning process.

8/29/2017 | Tags: Capital Productivity

Hidden sources of better supply-chain performance

A deeper look at performance dynamics can reveal a lot more room for supply-chain improvement.

Build your materials-costing capabilities: Use teardowns

Falling commodity prices may mean you're overpaying for your components.

Worth the effort: From ‘shared’ to ‘global’ in business services

It’s tough work to set up, but the GBS model can be more powerful than ever thanks to digitization.

Procurement-driven synergies in mergers: Landmine or goldmine?

Procurement has a vital role to play in finding merger synergies. Here's how to do it well.

The predictive production system: The future of making

Giving everyone access to timely, actionable intelligence will transform manufacturing.

Culture for a digital age

Don’t wait for silo mentalities, weak customer focus, and risk aversion to die on their own.

Procuring innovation, wherever it may be

A systematic approach helps procurement cultivate new sources of new ideas in the supplier network.

Leadership in innovation needs innovation in leadership

Four attributes enable individuals and organizations to move forward: insight, integrity, courage, and agility.