Prepare for R&D’s connected future

Most executives agree that data, analytics, and the Internet of Things will transform R&D. The question is how.

Smarter customer-requirements management

Make sure that the product you launch is still the one that your customers need.

10/24/2017 | Tags: Product Development

Why does it cost so much?

To get the most out of "should-cost," understand "could-cost" and "theoretical minimum cost," too.

Secrets of successful change implementation

Successful implementers of change initiatives do a few things differently. That makes their initiatives twice as valuable. Note: New implementation report coming soon!

10/17/2017 | Tags: Performance Transformation

How to make your organization agile

Agile organizations outperform. But getting there takes sustained commitment.

Stop the insanity! Three ways to reduce delays and overruns on major projects

Three solutions offer a path out of dysfunction and toward increased profitability.

Ops 4.0: Analytics to Value for a product-centered transformation

AtV unites the best in design thinking, analytics, customer insights, and procurement intelligence.

Sparking adoption of electric trucks

Electric trucks promise new savings and efficiencies, but understanding total cost of ownership will be critical.

An end to sourcing’s round-the-world merry-go-round?

The relentless search for the "next sourcing country" may finally be drawing to a close, thanks to digital.

Continuous improvement—make good management every leader’s daily habit

Digital tools can help you become a better manager.